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Lawn Maintenance Las Vegas

Unless you have synthetic grass, you need a periodic maintenance schedule for your lawn to retain a beautiful green and healthy appearance. In the dry climates of Las Vegas, part of that periodic maintenance is lawn aeration. Aeration of your lawn is recommended at least twice a year for proper lawn growth and root health.

Just like your body's circulatory sytem, a lawn needs certain tending to encourage healthy growth and strong roots. Through proper aerating of the ground, you increase the flow of minerals and nutrients to your lawn's root system while simultaneously allowing easier and faster water flow to help promote healthy growth of your grass and landscape all year long.

Another lawn maintenance tip is to keep your grass trimmed to an appropriate level. Typically, in hot dry climates such as Las Vegas, the root growth is not as deep as it is in wetter climates. For that reason, the blades of grass in your lawn should never exceed more than a few inches.

Grass is fed from the roots up to the tips of the blade, and as the balde is fed, less water retention remains in the lower parts of the grass blade. Therefore, if your grass gets too high, when you cut it, you will essentially kill the grass, resulting in brown spots and dead grass blades.

The solution is to have our lawn maintenance and landscapers assess your lawn and foliage for beneficial growth. Our expert lawn service will determine the best course of action to keep your landscape healthy and green!

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