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Las Vegas Landscape Lighting

The spectacular landscaping of your home is easily enhanced at night by well placed landscape lighting. Outdoor lights are not just for security anymore, they provide a tranquil illumination of your property and add certain elegance to your landscaping design. In fact, landscape lighting is seen as an art form that creates a mood by highlighting architectural and garden features. Many landscapists are calling this form of landscape art, Lampscape art or Lampscaping.

A thoughtfully planted, weed-free Las Vegas landscape is just the start. The next step is to light it up at night for reasons that range from enjoying your garden to visually expanding your living space at night for family and friends. Illuminating walkways to give an inviting presence to your home, or adding in low voltage solar LED lights around bushes to give off a brilliant illumination at night adds value to your home's landscape.

The variety of landscape lighting is unlimited, our landscapers choose several options to present you with choices that work well with your designs. Ideas range from vintage style lampposts that are connected to an interior switch, to solar lighting that provides hours of lighting at nighttime. The LED solar lamps we install come in a variety of color plates to add a colorful display of lights according to your desire.

Imagine a soft tone of reds and browns on your Las Vegas desert landscape, scattered throughout your property at night to give off a light show display of earth tone colors, enhancing your foliage and ornamental elements. Or, if you prefer, using blue tones to enhance a waterfall or water fountain, your pool area or a water ornamental element. The choices of landscape lighting are only limited by your imagination.

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