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Landscape Maintenance Las Vegas

In landscaping your property, you have multiple choices of designs, themes and ideas. However, the best situation to make your view outstanding to yourself and your neighborhood is to create a landscape which is low maintenance. Because maintaining your landscape could require extra time and money from your household budget, our landscapers provide solutions to keep your maintenance costs down.

We begin by choosing a theme that works well with your ideas, then we assess the lay of your land to discover how best to utilize the natural beauty and preserve the resources. For example, if you have a lot of shade, we prefer to plant foliage that thrives in shaded areas and fill in the areas with landscaping rock. On the other hand, if your property lacks shade and has an abundance of sunlight, we incorporate a design and plantings that do not require constant watering or trimming, such as landscaping rocks, container gardens and decorative pavers.

In that respect, our landscapists are capable of providing a beautiful view of your property, with a minimal amount of maintenance after the job is finished. In other words, you can spend more time enjoying your landscape than maintaining it constantly. In situations where you need periodic maintenance, for example, maintaining the irrigation or sprinkler system, trimming of bushes, palm trees, grass or plants, our landscaping experts provide a regular schedule of maintenance at a discounted cost.

Before you settle on a particular landscape design or theme, keep in mind the future maintenance costs you may incur. Ask your landscaper what seasonal maintenance might be required and how you will schedule that to have a consistently beautiful landscaped property.

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